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Having to brush your car off in the harsh winter cold can make for an unpleasant early morning routine.  By having a garage heater, it can make life more bearable on those cold and frigged mornings.  With the added comfort provided by garage heaters, you can maximize the utility of your home to use that space like any other area of your home year-round.  Garage heaters are a great investment for those living in Alberta.  We offer two main types of heaters:

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Forced Air Units

Just like the furnace within your home, these heaters operate by taking the cold air and circulating through a heat exchanger. Once heated, the fan will then blow the warmed air throughout the space. A relatively inexpensive way to heat your commercial or residential shop or garage, forced air heaters are a great investment.

Radiant Tube Heaters

Radiant or infrared heaters are eco-friendly and up to 35% more fuel efficient than their forced air counterparts. Much like the sun, radiant heaters heat the objects within the space, such as the concrete pad or work bench, as opposed to heating the air. This ensures a more evenly heated space. Unlike the sun however, these heaters do not produce harmful UV rays, and will not harm your equipment or vehicles. These heaters are ideal for those who use their garage/shop for wood working, painting, metal work, etc.

Offered in a variety of sizes and BTU loads, Express Plumbing and Heating has the heater, which is just right for you. We offer top brand names for new installations or replacements as well as service all makes and models of forced air and radiant heaters. If you are contemplating purchasing a new garage heater, don’t despair! With low-interest financing, you can consider this decision a wise long-term investment.

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I contacted Shawn with Express to install a garage heater. Shawn came the next day – surveyed the job – wrote out an estimate for the work – took a photo of it and sent it to me by text before he left my home. The estimate was reasonable and could do the work the next week. Guys arrived the next week at 8 am sharp – dug a trench with a hoe, tied in and installed a gas line to the garage – installed the heater. All was finished and working by 3 pm. Excellent workmanship – I was very impressed. Very personable – professional team – do great work – and fast. Would recommend to anyone. My compliments to Sean and his team.

Randy L. Geddes

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Partnering with the best in the business with brands you can trust. Our services are completely backed with a full year, limited warranty on material and labour.

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