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Water Treatment

Drinking Clean Water

Delivering the highest quality in water treatment services

A water treatment solution will help improve the quality of water in your home.  At Express Plumbing and Heating, we offer a number of solutions that can clean, filter and remove contaminants in your home so you have the peace of mind your water is safe for your family.  

Water Softeners

Remove calcium, magnesium and other metal cations in hard water. The resulting soft water is more compatible with soap, easier on your skin and extends the lifetime of your plumbing and fixtures.

Iron Treatments

We install systems that will remove iron from your well, we go through the process of taking a water sample that is processed at a lab to determine the exact treatment best suited for your home.

Reverse Osmosis​

This system provides your family with the best drinking water possible, by removing impurities, taste and odour from the water.

UV Sterilization

UV Lights ensure the safest water possible by sterilizing your water and preventing bacteria growth.

Contact Us Today For A Job Estimate On Your Water Treatment Solution

Call us at 403-356-1111 to chat with a customer service representative to get tested on what water treatment solution is right for you.

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Quentin came and inspected my hot water tank on a Friday afternoon, told me what was wrong and advised that I needed a new one. (It was over 20 years old.) He gave me a quote on the spot, contacted James to bring one over and they had it installed in record time. Very polite and professional and went over how to relight the pilot if needed, my warranty and gave me tips to look for if something is wrong with the tank. Highly recommend them! Thanks Guys!

Taralyn Scott

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