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With current technological advances, conventional water heaters are more eco-friendly, than ever before. Water heaters come in a variety of sizes, based on your domestic/space heating needs. We offer a variety of top brand name water heaters for replacement of your existing water heater or new installation. These water heaters can be ordered in conventional, power vent and direct power vent, with a standard warranty. We also service all makes and models.

Hot Water Tank Replacement Warning Signs:
Do you know the age of your current water heater? While it's not something you think about often, it’s still an integral part of your everyday life. Knowing the signs of an ailing water heater will help you be proactive and enable you in making a contentious decision.  

With the average life expectancy of a water heater today being approximately 8-10 years, age is always an important factor to consider. If your water heater is close to this age, or older, we recommend that you start looking into what a water heater replacement entails. Let’s face it, shopping for a replacement after your water heater has stopped working, is not fun. Starting your research early allows you to make an informed decision, and not one that is based solely on dollar and time frame.

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Lack of hot water

One of the most common signs of a failing water heater is a lack of sufficient hot water. Common minerals that are found in tap water tend to separate and settle at the bottom of the water heater. Overtime, these minerals tend to build up and create a layer of sediment between the burner and the water. In turn, this means that less heat will reach the water, which results in cooler showers. 

Strange Sounds

As a water heater approaches the end of its life expectancy, you may start to notice odd sounds coming from the unit. Popping, creaking and rumbling noises have all been reported from units that are starting to fail. The very distinctive popping/crackling sounds from water heaters are results of sediment build up within the tank. As the water in your tank begins to heat up, the air pockets within the sediment begin to heat up as well, causing them to expand and press against the calcified sediment, making a popping sound. 

Quality of water

Discoloration and odour of your hot water may be a sign indicating that your tank may require replacement. Minerals located in drinking water may cause deposits to form within your tank. Over time, these deposits can break off and be sent through your pipes. This can impact faucets, fixtures, and appliances. These minerals will also cause the hot water to appear discoloured or “murky”. However, if you notice an orange or reddish tinge to your water, this may be a sign that your tank, pipes or both have rust in them. 

Notice Water on the floor, surrounding the water heater?
Water Heater Leak.png
Leaking Tank

If you notice water pooling at the base of your tank, this could be a result of the base of your water heater having corrosion. Corrosion within the tank can lead to cracks and fractures, which can result in leaks. A leaking water heater can’t be repaired, and will result in a replacement. A leaking water heater can in turn flood your basement if not replaced in a timely manner.

Leaking Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve

When your water heater discharges from the temperature & pressure relief (T&P) valve, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the tank is starting to fail, it just means that the T&P valve is doing its job. When water is heated it expands, causing the water to push its way back into the cold supply coming into the house. When there is a check valve on the system, the water will have nowhere to go, so the T&P valve will discharge to relieve pressure within the tank.

An expansion tank will help relieve pressure and give added protection to your water tank, particularly if you live in a 'closed' plumbing system.  A closed system is where the water inside your home cannot flow back towards the main lines.  Thus, If expanded water cannot escape, it will result in excessive pressure and damage to your water heater and plumbing.

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I requested a quote on line and received a quick response. The girls in the office were great to deal with and very professional. James was the technician sent to do the replacement of my hot water tank. He was prompt, professional and had the install completed within a couple of hours. All in all, my experience with Express Plumbing and Heating was great and I will definitely use their services again.

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