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Toni James

Quinton with Express was great. He unclogged my bathroom sink and removed the clogged problem quite quickly. He also exchanged a toilet and I have had no problems at all. Great, friendly company.

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Clogged sinks if left unchecked can lead to much bigger issues over time.  Problem areas tend to occur in both the kitchen and bathroom drains. In the kitchen, grease can slowly build up that will damage your pipes.  In the bathroom, it's common for hair, grime and soap to build up along the walls of the pipes. This accumulation of build-up can lead to leaks and cause expensive water damage to your home.  Foul odours coming from your drain are another indicator you may need your drains cleaned.

From plugged sinks and bathtubs to the mainline backing up, we offer experienced technicians and top-quality equipment to get your plumbing system flowing. By using a special video camera, we are able to inspect the entire length of the line, looking for any obstructions, low points, or possible collapsing of the pipe itself. We also offer backflow prevention in order to prevent sewer backup.

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Partnering with the best in the business with brands you can trust. Our services are completely backed with a full year, limited warranty on material and labour.

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