You use water in your home multiple times a day. You drink it, use it for laundry, wash your dishes with it, and bathe in it as part of your daily life. However, these experiences can be less pleasant if your water has unwanted chemicals or contaminants in it. If you want to be sure that the water you use will be pleasant and healthy, contact Express Plumbing & Heating Inc for water treatment services in Red Deer, AB.

Types of Water Treatments

Water can have lots of contaminants that affect the hardness, taste, colour, or odour of the water. Fortunately, water treatments can tackle all of these problems. We offer a variety of water treatment options so you can choose what works best for you needs. Our options are:

  • Iron treatments. We take a water sample to decide which treatment is best for your home. Options may be chlorinating your well to remove iron bacteria or installing an iron removing system.
  • Reverse osmosis. This process removes impurities from the water to improve both taste and odour.
  • UV sterilization. Special UV lights help ensure your water is as safe as possible in a sterilization process that prevents bacteria development.
  • Water softeners. These remove metal contaminants like calcium and magnesium from hard water. The result is easier on your skin and plumbing.

If you’re not sure which option is best for you, we’re happy to consult with you about your current water situation and what you’re looking for so you can make the best choice.

Water Treatment in Red Deer

If you’re tired of water that doesn’t meet your expectations, contact our team at Express Plumbing & Heating Inc in Red Deer for professional water treatment. Call our experts at (403) 356-1111 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment to begin enjoying fresh, amazing water in your home today.