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All the plumbing fixtures within your home connect to the most important part of your home, the main sewer line which connects your home to the municipal sewer. Between improper usage of the plumbing fixtures within the home, and environmental factors, your main sewer line can take a real beating, and with the cost of maintenance falling on the homeowner, it is important to know the warning signs of an ailing system.



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Warning Signs

  • Frequent sewage back-ups

  • Multiple fixtures within the home unable to drain

  • Unusual reactions after using a plumbing fixture (Flushing the toilet results in sewage backing up into the tub/shower)

  • Changes to your lawn (Indentations or puddles/soggy areas, even though there has been no rain)

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Causes for a Clogged Sewer Line



Damaged piping may result in the sewage being unable to properly drain. This may cause immediate and/or frequent sewage back-ups. Anything from the shifting or settling of the surrounding soil, to heavy machinery above or even improperly sealed joints during the initial installation could result in a damaged or weakened pipe. 



Even though this is completely out of your control, it will happen overtime. The “sagging” of a sewer line occurs after a section of the piping has sunk due to surrounding soil conditions. These dips in the line cause a nice little nest for paper and waste to collect overtime, eventually leading to an obstruction in the drainage, which may result in a sewage back up within your home. 



Mature neighborhoods typically have the beautiful, picturesque, tree lined streets that often attract buyers on this aesthetic alone. However, these properties are notorious for hiding a dirty little secret, tree roots. Older sewer lines were constructed using generally clay, no-corrode or cast-iron materials. In addition, the connections between the pipe sections weren’t as tight as PVC which is typically used today. As trees and shrubs grow, their roots extend beneath the surface in search of a water source. Over time, roots may adhere themselves or even penetrate the sewer piping which in turn may cause debris to become entangled and restrict the flow of the drainage, potentially leading to sewer back-ups. Expansion of the roots may also result in cracks in the pipe, leading to possible leaks and/or ruptures. 


If you frequently experience any of the warning signs mentioned above, a video inspection is highly recommended. The use of a video inspection will allow the technicians to locate where the exact issue resides. This allows for a more efficient repair or replacement of the damaged piping. Using a radio transmitter, located within the camera, we are able to trace the exact physical location as well as depth. In doing so will allow us to conduct the appropriate course of action.


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